Welcome to Miller’s Farmstead

Miller’s Farmstead is a small, humble, family-run farm located in Ohio, Illinois.
We take pride in our farm, our chickens, our eggs, and the associated day-to-day chores.
Unlike other free-range brands, here at Miller’s Farmstead, all our eggs are laid on our farmstead in our coops by our hens.
We do not collect or purchase eggs from other anonymous farms just to reach a quota under a branded label on a carton.
We hand gather our eggs multiple times a day.
Every egg is hand-inspected, hand-washed, and placed in your carton—you guessed it: by hand—the old-fashioned way.

May your table never lack food; may your home never lack warmth and love, and may God always bless you and your family.
Miller’s Farmstead, LLC

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